About Us

Professional carriage even within impossible deadlines

We provide services at the highest level. Thanks to partnership with our subsidiaries and the possibility to dynamically change our drivers' routes, we are able to execute orders even within theoretically unrealistic deadlines. Flexibility and timeliness are the features that our customers value most. Thanks to them, we can meet their expectations.



Do you have a C+E driver's license? Write to us, and we will provide you with comfortable and safe working conditions.

While working with us, you will drive a modern truck tractor of renowned brands (Mercedes, Scania, DAF, and Man). Every three years we replace vehicles with new ones, so you will have access to the latest advances in trucks. This will ensure the highest driving comfort.

Our fleet is regularly serviced, which means you can focus exclusively on getting to your destination.

Our headquarters, located in D 23554 Lubeck, has a large car park for tractors and cars of our employees. It also offers rest rooms. We have a laundry room and showers on site.

If you are looking for a job as a truck driver, please send us an email. We will be happy to discuss with you the details of engagement. We are a professional company, and so we treat our employees accordingly. Check for yourself and contact us now.

Our base in Lubeck offers a car park for trucks and cars, social facilities, rest rooms, and accommodations.



As part of our sponsorship strategy, we support many sports ventures. Supporting talented athletes is very important to us, among other things, because of their impact in the local community. Their achievements motivate young people to a healthy and active lifestyle.

For this reason, we partner with the Pogoń Szczecin club. You can see their logo, among others, on our trucks. In addition, we actively participate in the development of MMA in Poland. We sponsor Combat Sports Galas at home and abroad and promote MMA fighters. We also take part in smaller sports events to promote sport among children and young people.