Looking for a job?

Do you have a C+E driver's license? Looking for a job as a truck driver? Be sure to write to us. What can we offer you?

  • Advanced truck tractors that will provide you with the highest comfort while driving.
  • Vehicles less than three years old. We regularly replace older tractors to have a modern fleet.
  • Regular servicing so you never have to worry about the truck's technical condition.
  • Competitive salaries.
  • Attractive working conditions.
  • Flexible working time.
  • Well-equipped facilities in Lubeck, where you can relax and stay overnight before you hit the road again. In addition, you can use a large car park for employees' cars and trucks there.

And many, many other benefits.

We appreciate our employees

A good employee is the greatest value for any company. Therefore, we want long-term cooperation on terms that are favourable for both parties. We provide you with flexible working hours.

Don't wait, contact us today

If you are searching for a good workplace, call us or send us an email today. We will be happy to answer all your questions. We want to create a well-coordinated team where everyone can develop and expand their capabilities. We are sure that you are a perfect fit for our team. Send us an email today and we will respond as soon as possible.

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