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We support sport

As part of our sponsorship strategy, we support sports ventures and talented athletes.

This is important, among other things, because the achievements of athletes motivate young people to live healthy and active lifestyles.

Sport shapes a sense of self-respect and respect for others. It is also a lesson of perseverance, determination in the pursuit of goals, and the fight against adversity.

We promote the city of Szczecin

We are proud to promote our Szczecin Football Team Pogoń Szczecin both in Poland and throughout Western Europe.

Football is a sport that evokes extreme emotions, both positive and negative; there is joy but there are also tears, there is happiness but also extreme anger... And, above all else, it is a sport that brings us together and inspires us to undertake physical activity. The Szczecin team continues to prove that the impossible does not exist and provides their fans with a whole range of emotions.

Wojciech "Kulkinio" Janusz

We actively participate in the development of an MMA fighter in Poland.

We sponsor an athlete from Szczecin with a passion for fight, people, and animals, who represents Szczecin at national and international events.

wojciech kulkinio
koszulka mma wojciech janusz

About MMA

Most of us do not know what the life of an MMA fighter is like; we associate it only with violence, blood, and ruthlessness. They are, however, sensitive, courageous athletes who follow strict and fair rules in their lives, do not give up, defend the weak, and are often mentors and support for the lost: young and old alike. Their day is filled with hard training – whether in the gym or in the mountains, in rain or snow, cold or heat. Few people are up to this challenge.


Why an MMA fighter?

Because we were captivated by a man who shows an unbreakable heart in fights and his life, exhibits stubbornness, courage, determination, perseverance, and despite the pain, hardship, adversity, and failures, gets up and keeps moving forward. At the same time, this tough, steadfast warrior is a sensitive person open to other people's needs, who would help anyone who needs support.

For him, the impossible does not exist; he sets himself a goal and achieves it, which motivates us to act, not to give up, to be better people.